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How to wear a lace frontal?

People always want to know how to wear lace frontal virgin hair wigs when they wear human hair wig at the first time. There’re 5 steps to wear a half lace human wig, and it will help you to keep the wig stay along time.

No matter you wear a Brazilian body wave lace frontal human hair wig or Peruvian straight human hair wig, before you wear it, you should place a wig cap over your hair. And you can make a mark where you want the wig to stay on your forehead with something erasable. So, you can use the mark to make sure how you cut your lace. And then, begin cutting the excess lace around your wig as you prefer. For people who have never wear a wig, they should leave at least a half inch of lace. Besides, if you picked the right color lace for your skin type, the lace will disappear and your wig will look more natural.

You must prepare the area around your hairline in order to apply the wig properly. If your skin is clean and dry, the glue will work better. So, you should avoid oil or moisture on your hairline for it will deter a strong hold.


In fact, applying the adhesive is a challenge for most people and they may make it right after a few mess tries. Therefore, patience is the key point. If you choose to use a glue adhesive, you should make sure the glue is safe for lace wigs and suits your needs firstly. After applying the glue to the line, you should allow it to dry before placing the unit on your head. Otherwise, the wig will not secure and it would slide away from your forehead.

For lace frontal human hair wig, you need carefully place it on your head, and make sure to keep stray hairs out of the glue, and then press the lace into the glue. You should firmly press the wig down in all around until you are satisfied you have secured the wig to the glue. Additionally, you also should make sure that none of the lace is lifting up when you are done. If one area is lifting, you can add an extra dot of glue and test to ensure the wig is secure once again.

When you have done all steps above, you may need to comb the wig with your fingers gently, especially for curly human hair lace frontal wig. Remember that the glue have to cure for about 24 to 48 hours before any excessive pulling on the hair can occur. So, try to avoid make hairstyle immediately. If you follow the rules, the bond should stay strong for a good while.

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